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RSA Security Announces Availability of RSA SecurID for Microsoft Windows Solution

  • 05 October, 2004 14:23

<p>Leading strong authentication solution offers customers a secure, simple and consistent login experience to Microsoft Windows enterprise environments</p>
<p>SYDNEY, Australia, October 5, 2004 – RSA Security Inc. (NASDAQ: RSAS) today announced full availability for the RSA SecurID for Microsoft Windows two-factor authentication solution. The solution is designed to help Microsoft enterprise customers – whether working remotely or inside the firewall – ensure that valuable network resources are accessible only by authorized users, while simultaneously delivering a simplified and consistent user login experience. RSA SecurID for Microsoft Windows solution provides enhanced security, a smoother end-user experience, reduced help-desk costs and helps organizations comply with regulatory requirements.</p>
<p>RSA Security is the market share leader in strong authentication, which is widely accepted as the preferred method for security in secure mobile and remote access solutions. Strong authentication adds an extra layer of information security by combining something the user knows (i.e., a secret PIN) with something the user possesses (i.e., a unique RSA SecurID® token that generates a random, one-time password every 60 seconds). Now enterprises can use RSA SecurID technology to authenticate users to the Microsoft Windows operating system, whether they are online and connected to the corporate network, or offline and logging on to their desktop.</p>
<p>Many organizations that participated in the pre-release program spoke enthusiastically of the RSA SecurID for Microsoft Windows solution’s enhanced security, ease-of-use and its ability to help meet regulatory compliance through its auditing capability.</p>
<p>“We are very excited that this solution is now available to our customers,” said Ben English, Security Team Leader, Microsoft Australia. “RSA Security’s technology presents our customers with a proven alternative to traditional static passwords, helping protect valuable network resources from both within and outside corporate boundaries.”</p>
<p>“We have been an RSA SecurID software customer for many years now, using it to protect our mission-critical assets from outside the firewall. We are examining the ability to expand the use of the technology with the new RSA SecurID for Microsoft Windows solution,” said Al Brusewitz, chief information security officer for the County of Los Angeles. “The use of two-factor authentication instead of traditional static passwords to access the Windows environment is a necessary addition to our information security capabilities. The new technology will also allow our employees to securely and conveniently access network resources providing secure WLAN access. We look forward to incorporating this into our organization.”</p>
<p>The new RSA SecurID for Microsoft Windows solution provides organizations with the following:</p>
<p>· Stronger Security – RSA SecurID for Microsoft Windows solution provides enhanced security when the user is online and connected to the network, or offline, by replacing passwords with a continually changing, unpredictable one-time-use passcode. RSA SecurID for Microsoft Windows solution provides protection against the looming threat of security breaches from both outside and within the firewall, ensuring that only legitimate users gain network access and simultaneously auditing the activities of those users.</p>
<p>· Ease-of-Use – RSA SecurID for Microsoft Windows solution provides a simple, consistent logon procedure for users logging on to their desktop. With RSA SecurID for Microsoft Windows solution, organizations can eliminate the need to implement password change policies – reducing user error, frustration and helpdesk calls. Through the RSA SecurID Ready Program, more than 295 products from more than 190 vendors are certified to seamlessly integrate with RSA SecurID authentication – including VPN, WLAN, web and application access solutions from industry leaders such as Citrix and Cisco.</p>
<p>· Compliance/Auditing – RSA SecurID for Microsoft Windows solution provides auditing capabilities that can help companies meet compliance requirements for industry and government regulations such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley or Gramm-Leach-Bliley. RSA SecurID for Microsoft Windows solution captures all Windows laptop and domain login attempts and centrally logs them in the RSA® Authentication Manager (previously known as RSA ACE/Server® software). Its centralized activity logging and robust reporting capabilities help organizations meet government regulations and avoid the hefty fines and potential legal costs that can result from non-compliance.</p>
<p>“RSA Security is creating a secure and confident world that extends secure enterprise access to all users – trusted partners, customers and employees,” said Sebastian Moore, Area Vice President Asia Pacific, at RSA Security. “The RSA SecurID for Microsoft Windows solution is a great milestone for the Company, our channel partners and our customers. It helps establish the appropriate level of trust in an online identity, and provides stronger security, improved efficiency and robust auditing capabilities.”</p>
<p>RSA SecurID for Microsoft Windows solution (available for Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Server 2000 and Microsoft Windows Server 2003) is available now directly from RSA Security and through its network of distribution partners.</p>
<p>Through March 2005, new RSA Authentication Manager 6.0 Base Edition customers, as well as existing Base license customers that have a current maintenance contract and upgrade to RSA Authentication Manager 6.0 prior to March 31, 2005, will be able to make use of RSA SecurID for Microsoft Windows functionality without having to upgrade to an Enterprise Edition license. For more details, please visit</p>
<p>About RSA Security Inc.</p>
<p>RSA Security Inc. helps organizations protect private information and manage the identities of people and applications accessing and exchanging that information. RSA Security’s portfolio of solutions – including identity &amp; access management, secure mobile &amp; remote access, secure enterprise access, secure transactions and consumer identity protection – are all designed to provide the most seamless e-security experience in the market. Our strong reputation is built on our history of ingenuity, leadership, proven technologies and our more than 15,000 customers around the globe. Together with more than 1,000 technology and integration partners, RSA Security inspires confidence in everyone to experience the power and promise of the Internet. For more information, please visit</p>
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