Mobile Insights into Security

SAN MATEO (03/03/2000) - DATA ACCESS and security will be the hot topics at this year's Mobile Insights 2000 Conference in Palm Springs, Calif.

Intel Corp. will announce a major security push, hoping to remove any reservations IT organizations still might have over stolen devices and sensitive files falling into the wrong hands.

The Intel Protected Access Architecture is a standard authentication platform that both IHVs (independent hardware vendors) and system OEMs can write to when deploying security to mobile devices.

Notebook security usually takes such forms as guarding access to hard-disk data with PINs, smart cards, and biometric devices such as fingerprint readers, voice ID, and even photo ID for access.

A standard architecture will eliminate the need to re-create drivers every time a vendor wants to change or add another level of security to a device, said Naveen Musinipally, program manger at Intel's Security Mobile Computing Group, in Santa Clara, Calif.

For devices smaller than a notebook, Synaptics will announce a new single-layer touchscreen technology, ClearPad, which will add to a cell phone's feature arsenal as it challenges PDAs (personal digital assistants) for market share.

Less than half a millimeter thick, ClearPad sits on top of an LCD screen. It will allow handset manufacturers to offer touchscreens to users rather than requiring users to access features via a series of complex button-pushing combinations on a cell phone.

Touchscreens, for example, would allow an icon in one corner of the small screen to launch a browser when touched.

The ClearPad technology would give handset manufacturers the ability to market their devices as a vertical solution to companies that need built-in forms that field agents can fill in and send wirelessly back to the home office.

According to sources, Synaptics is negotiating with two top handset manufacturers to use ClearPad technology in their devices.

However, PalmPilot users will not be neglected at the show. Synchrologic, an ISV that creates synchronization products for PDAs, will announce that the next version of its iMobile suite now includes a document viewer for Word and Excel files. iMobile Suite will sell for $69 and is shipping now.

A new venture called Portable Life will also debut at this year's conference.

Set to officially launch in April, Portable Life will feed unique, targeted, and highly personalized content and tech support to whatever wireless device you have, connected or not. Available for free, the service will integrate technical guidance and advice from industry experts as well as more than 300 online news sources.

Mobile Insights, in Mountain View, Calif., is at Intel Corp., in Santa Clara, Calif., is at Synaptics Inc., in San Jose, Calif., is at Synchrologic Inc., in Atlanta, is at

Going mobile

Notable Mobile Insight 2000 attendees include the following.

* Intel

* NECMobility Electronics

* Riverbed Technologies

* Synaptics

* Palm Computing

* Wayport


* Sierra Wireless

* Pen Computing

* Xircom

* Handspring

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