From the Publisher: E-Nuf Already

FRAMINGHAM (03/03/2000) - Convinced that the "e" revolution had gone too far and that the other 25 letters of the English alphabet were jealous of e's ascension to adjective status, I fired up my favorite search engines (AltaVista and Northern Light) and went e-fishing for words on the net that had attached the "e" prefix to them.

Here's a sampling of what I found. E-air, e-bank, eBay, e-bet, e-boat, e-boss, e-brand, e-business, e-car, e-card, e-cash, e-casket, e-church, e-city, e-clock, e-clothes, e-college, e-commerce, e-doctor, e-dog, e-enterprise, e-flower, e-furniture, e-game, e-gardner, e-government, e-job, e-library, e-life, e-loan, e-love, e-marketing, e-mocracy, e-money, e-neck, e-network, e-news, e-pet, e-pharmacy, e-postcard, e-publisher, e-religion, e-school, e-security, e-shirt, e-shoe, e-sky, e-sleep, e-snack, e-soap, e-space, e-stamp, e-stock, e-tail, e-tax, e-team, e-text, e-theatre, e-think, e-ticket, e-tour, e-Trade, e-travel, e-tree, e-tutor, e-vineyard, e-vote, e-yada (my favorite!) and e-zoo.

My original intent in compiling this list was to deliver an "e-nuf is e-nuf" message and encourage us all to cease this practice.

But I changed my mind when I reviewed two pieces of CIO research on the webification of corporate America, research that convinced me the "e" revolution will run out of steam by itself as it migrates to another level.

I can hear thousands of CIOs collectively saying to themselves, "Wait one second, web enablement of my corporation is our number-one initiative. What is going to replace it?"

Your company's mission statement and core corporate values will replace the e-revolution whose legacy will be that it accelerated the awareness of technology in our society.

IDG Research recently asked CIOs the following question: Is e-business an extension or core part of your company's overall business model? The response:

E Business is an... Now In 18 months Extension to business model 76% 39% Core part of business model 24% 58% Source: CIO Internet Attitudes Study, IDG Research, November 1999 Moreover, CIO's circulation department has just released the responses to the question, "What percent of your organization's revenues is attributed to e-commerce transactions?"

Percent of EC Transactions Now In 12 months 25% or more 7.7% 15.3% 10 to 24.9% 10.2% 18.3% 5 to 9.9% 14.2% 24.0% Less than 5% 44.5% 28.0% None 14.5% 11.9% Yes folks, within 12 to 18 months we will no longer need an e-revolution because nine out of every 10 businesses will be incorporating e-technology into their revenue streams.

And when everyone is doing it, the marketing folks will realize adding the letter "e" to everything is superfluous, proving correct my theory that the e-revolution is about to die. What do you think about the e-revolution? Let me know at

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