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FRAMINGHAM (01/27/2000) - Twelve years ago, when we started this magazine, CIOs were a rare and somewhat beleaguered breed. Our mission as "the magazine for information executives" was to champion the cause and help our readers emerge from the darkness of back-office data processing into the world of business enlightenment. We believed passionately in the importance of the CIO role and knew how tenuous the position of these poor bastards really was.

My, how times have changed. Today CIOs are at the center of an economic and social transformation. The stakes are high, and no one knows that better than the men and women leading IT.

We've changed too. For the past seven months, we've been rethinking and redesigning the magazine to reflect this new reality. Our mission now is to help shorten the cycle time for high-risk decisions. We'll do this in part by taking a stand on the issues that matter most. We hope you will find this to be a more relevant and exciting publication targeted directly to you. Here are some changes you'll find:

More feature stories, with a better mix of article topics, lengths and formats Less cheerleading in favor of realism, insight and analysis More opinion, including a dedicated six-page section at the back of the book More soul; check out the Difference Engine Plenty of CIO voices, including CIO Confidential in this issue and Platform in the next Good advice: Our new Virtual Mentor series. Career Counsel develops on our Web site and is distilled for you in print.

An expanded Trendlines section, with regular coverage of hot topics mixed in with the quirky and unexpected items that you love Regular coverage of legal and legislative issues An enhanced Emerging Technology section And, of course, more of the high-quality writing, editing and design you've come to expect from CIO.

These improvements will continue, but we need your help to get it right. Use the e-mail addresses at the end of every article or write directly to me. This is still the magazine for information executives, and we still want to meet your needs.

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