Would You Like E-fries with That?

FRAMINGHAM (03/09/2000) - McDonald's Corp. President and Vice Chairman James R.

Cantalupo announced today that the Oak Brook, Ill.-based fast-food giant is investing in Food.com, an Internet-based food takeout and delivery service, calling it "an investment in the future."

Here's how the service works: Hungry users can go to http://www.food.com, type in their address and ZIP code, select delivery or takeout, and Food.com presents a list of potential eateries within a one- to 30-mile radius.

Food.com aspires to be more than an electronic dining Yellow Pages, with features such as interviews with chefs, cooking show reviews, restaurant gossip and news and Ask Food.com, which answers such thorny questions as, "Do I pay during a job interview lunch?"

There was no word from either company on the extent of McDonald's planned involvement on the site.

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