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SAN FRANCISCO (03/21/2000) - Who needs Excel? Inc.'s BrainMatter isn't for macro maniacs, but this Web-based spreadsheet may be all you need.

If you travel a lot and need to use a spreadsheet or database at different work sites, you now have a choice: You can lug around a notebook containing your apps and data files--or you can travel light, find a PC with an up-to-date browser, and use the free online tools offered by and Bitlocker.

These ad-supported Web sites offer free spreadsheets and databases, respectively, to anyone with a 4.0 (or later) version of Netscape or Internet Explorer. Granted, they aren't open-ended programming environments like Microsoft Excel and Access, but they do offer functionality that would cost hundreds of dollars in a shrink-wrapped application package.

Preconfigured templates range from quickie calculators and list generators to robust business tools. For example,'s BrainMatter spreadsheet contains hundreds of preconfigured worksheets in mainstream business categories--profit-and-loss statements, budgets, and other financial reports; business forms (for example, purchase orders and expense reports); and human-resource tools like timesheets and employee reviews. These worksheets contain most popular (and some exotic) spreadsheet functions, packaged in an interface so similar to Excel that you can skip training time.

Excel 2000 Support Only

Halfbrain's single sheets (no workbooks) were chosen to satisfy the needs of spreadsheet users, not hard-core macro slingers. But you can customize BrainMatter to your heart's content or upload your own Excel 2000 data and formulas (you must save them to HTML format first). You get unlimited on-site storage, too.

Database design is a bigger challenge, and Bitlocker's inventory of preconfigured databases is less impressive than Halfbrain's spreadsheet offerings. But you'll find templates for business contact management, inventory and pricing data, employee evaluations, and meeting or product schedules. The site also maintains consumer-oriented address books, photo albums, recipe and gift lists, and templates for tracking music, wine, or Beanie Baby collections.

Like BrainMatter's, Bitlocker's templates are easy to customize, and you can build your own database from scratch or import data in comma- or tab-delimited format. One quibble: Between the navigational bars and the banner ad, the workspace is a bit cramped.

Bitlocker sets aside 25MB of storage space for your files. Meanwhile, an ad-free, $100-a-year premium service gives you 100MB of storage space and priority customer support.

Even on a dial-up connection, both sites are zippy. In fact, is exceptionally fast, thanks to its use of Dynamic HTML. Both resources pledge to protect your data and promise not to hassle you with marketing pitches unless you permit it. If you're not used to performing routine business tasks online, leaving your desktop package may be unwise. But for easy access to basic spreadsheets or databases wherever you go--and insurance against software obsolescence--these free office apps are worth a try.

Web-based Apps


Pro: Offers fast, free spreadsheets through any current Web browser.

Con: Imports and exports files in Excel 2000 HTML format only.

Value: Great for itinerant spreadsheet users or a quick calculation.




Pro: Good, free collection of small-business and consumer databases.

Con: Small on-screen workspace, banner ad at top of screen.

Value: Works best if you can use one of the prebuilt databases.




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