Windows 2000 Bug Parade Begins

SAN FRANCISCO (03/21/2000) - Microsoft Corp.'s Windows 2000 is supposed to mate the stability of Windows NT with the plug-and-play capabilities of Windows 9x.

And our test results (see our March cover story, "Destination Windows 2000," indicate that the new operating system is living up to its billing--at least for stability.

But even a stable system has bugs. And in the two months following Windows 2000's release, several glitches have emerged.

BUG: NT 4.0 users who upgrade to Windows 2000 may find themselves unable to print anything. This problem may occur if your PC has Service Pack 4 (or an earlier version) installed along with a non-Microsoft print driver.

FIX: Upgrade to Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6a before you install Windows 2000.

Find SP6a at

Alternatively, after upgrading to Windows 2000, you can replace the print-driver support files rasdd.dll and rasddui.dll on the hard disk with the files of the same name included on the Windows 2000 CD-ROM. For more details, check out Microsoft's posting at

BUG: Your Iomega Zip or Jaz parallel-port drive appears on Windows Explorer and Disk Administrator lists after you install Windows 2000 on your computer, but Iomega's tool utilities seem not to recognize the drive.

FIX: Iomega advises users who haven't already upgraded to Windows 2000 to uninstall their current Iomega software beforehand. If it's too late for you to do that, find Microsoft's 90KB fix at or at

Installing IomegaWare 2.2.1 for Windows 2000 may be a better solution, but it's a much bigger download (15.6MB). You'll find the Iomega patch at You can download the fix in a single block or in four smaller modules. Make sure you select Enable legacy Plug and Play detection within the parallel port settings of Windows 2000's Device Manager--ideally, before you upgrade.

BUG: During installation of Windows 2000, your Windows 9x or NT system freezes while displaying 'Setup Is Starting Windows 2000.' The reason? Your system's BIOS may not properly support the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface.

Or the problem may be caused by an outdated or otherwise incompatible mass-storage device driver.

FIX: For starters, visit your PC maker's Web site and collect any relevant BIOS updates. If you suspect that a mass storage device is the source of trouble, check with the appropriate vendors for updated drivers. To identify the problem device, try removing tape drives, removable drives, scanners, and the like, from the mass-storage device controller, one by one. Microsoft offers more detailed information and appropriate remedies at

Wordperfect Database Import Problems

Corel WordPerfect Office 2000 users who try to import old database files may find that the suite's version of WordPerfect refuses to open the files--for use in tables, for instance. This is caused by Y2K problems involving some of the older database software apps (like FoxPro and FileMaker Pro) that lead to invalid dates within their databases. WordPerfect then interprets the invalid dates as signs of a corrupted file. In response to the problem, Corel has posted a WordPerfect Office 2000 update allowing such files to be imported--invalid dates and all. To download this 1MB update, go to, and choose the file named PFIT90.dll.

In Brief

Money 2000 Aggravation

Some Microsoft Money 2000 users who set up recurring Automatic Payment (Apay) transactions have reported that payments were not made, along with other problems. Choose Tools*Update Internet Information within Money 2000 to download a fix for both bugs. For more details, go to

VirusScan and Blue Screen of Death

McAfee's VirusScan 4.x may be to blame if you've been getting deadly error messages, depending on the DAT files your PC has. Install the 2.6MB fix from Network Associates has additional instructions at

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