SAN FRANCISCO (03/21/2000) - Next Netscape: The first brand-new version of Netscape in more than two years should be in public beta by the time you read this (scheduled release date: April 6)--and it will not be Netscape 5, which was to have been based on the existing 4.x code. Instead, Netscape 6 will be based on the Gecko browsing engine, which Netscape says is smaller, faster, and more customizable than its predecessors.

IBM Corp.'s NetVista All-in-One: This compact one-box LCD PC boasts a 15-inch display; an optional radial arm clamps to a work surface or mounts on the wall so you can swivel the machine out of the way. It's due by June at prices starting at under $2000.

Dell Notebook Memory Alert: Defective memory chips in 200,000 to 400,000 Latitude and Inspiron notebooks shipped last year can cause system hangups and other problems. Dell Computer Corp.'s site (support.dell.com) has a diagnostic test; if you have a bad chip, Dell will replace it.

You Talk, Your PDA Listens: IBM has developed voice-recognition technology for Palm III series palmtops that lets you record memos and perform other tasks with speech commands. Look for the first products in 2001.

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