BusinessObjects Debuts Wireless WebIntelligence

BOSTON (03/23/2000) - Business Objects SA today announced WebIntelligence Wireless Edition, a version of its query, reporting and analysis software specially designed to work with wireless technologies, including WAP (Wireless Application Protocol).

The target customer for WebIntelligence Wireless Edition is an organization with a large mobile sales or field workforce, said Crispin Read, director of product marketing Business Objects. Those customers can install the software at the home site and equip their mobile workers with mobile phones with which to access the query, reporting and analysis features of the software, he said.

For example, a driver for a frozen food manufacturer might deliver a truckload of food to a restaurant, only to be told by the restaurant manager that something is missing from the order, Read said.

"Today, the delivery driver would probably not be in a position to help that manager very much," Read said.

The driver would probably tell the manager to call his representative, who could track down the discrepancy, he said.

But with a mobile phone and WebIntelligence Wireless Edition, the driver can tap into the order system, see that the manager ordered that item, determine that another driver will soon make a delivery nearby, and get the item on that truck for delivery to the restaurant, he said.

The frozen food manufacturer has reduced costs by not having a call come into the company's customer service department and has also made the manager happy, since the driver was "able to have a more fulfilling dialogue with the customer," Read said.

In addition to mobile sales and field workers, WebIntelligence Wireless Edition will be targeted at executives who travel a lot, according to Read. Most executives will have laptops, but those currently require a plug and a phone line, and access to important information via a mobile phone will be an important asset, he said.

WebIntelligence Wireless Edition will be available in the second quarter in more than one dozen different language versions, according to Read. Pricing will be announced at that time, Read said.

Based in San Jose, California, Business Objects can be reached by phone at +1-408-953-6000 or at

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