Global One Expands Frame Relay to 70 Countries

BOSTON (03/27/2000) - Global One Communications Inc. announced today that it has expanded its Global Frame Relay Service to reach 70 countries and territories. Four new countries -- Estonia, Ivory Coast, Lebanon and Madagascar -- have been added, as have six French territories -- French Guyana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, New Caledonia, Reunion Island and Tahiti.

Global One, currently in the process of being acquired by France Télécom SA, said today in a written statement that the expansion builds on the strengths of France Télécom and Global One in diverse regions and highlights the cooperation between the two companies since the acquisition was announced in late January.

[See "France Telecom Buys Global One from DT, Sprint," Jan. 26.]"The 10 new countries and territories are important to Global One because they demonstrate the truly global reach of Global One," a company spokesman said today in a phone interview. "The addition of these countries gives our Global Frame Relay customers access to our flagship data service in areas served by few other global providers."

Rising demand for Global Frame Relay boosted revenue in that area more than 60 percent in 1998 and more than 50 percent last year. Revenue in 1999 reached approximately US$1.1 billion.

Global One, in Reston, Virginia and Brussels, Belgium, can be reached on the Web at France Télécom can be reached in Paris at +33-1-4444-2222, or at

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