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FRAMINGHAM (03/27/2000) - We run Berkeley Internet Name Daemon (BIND) on Red Hat Inc. Linux for our intranet Domain Name System (DNS) servers. Can we use our intranet's DNS servers with Windows 2000 and Active Directory services to upgrade?

Existing DNS servers can be used with Win 2000 Active Directory services if they support Service Location Resource Records (RFC 2052) and the Dynamic Update Protocol for DNS (RFC 2136). BIND 8.2.2 supports these standards and features improved Win 2000 interoperability. The Computer Emergency Response Team and the Internet Software Consortium recommend upgrading to BIND 8.2.2 patch level 5 (available at because of security vulnerabilities in earlier versions. BIND remote packet module updates for Red Hat 6.X are available at www.redhat. com/support/errata/rh61-errata-security.html.

Active Directory names require corresponding DNS domains. But the existing DNS namespace doesn't determine Active Directory structure. You can keep your DNS namespace and accommodate Win 2000 by creating a new namespace for Active Directory services. The model you choose for your Win 2000 upgrade depends on the existing Windows NT domain structure. For example, a single NT domain becomes a single Active Directory domain, and a single master NT domain becomes an Active Directory domain tree with the old master domain as the root domain.

Blass is a network architect at Sprint Paranet in Houston. He can be reached at

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