Novell Touts Its Services as Key to Net Commerce

SALT LAKE CITY (03/27/2000) - Novell Inc. executives today preached a directory-centric, multiplatform network services plan for extending business-to-business and business-to-consumer Internet commerce, during a keynote presentation at the BrainShare conference here.

Officials touted "one Net," which is a plan for a single, interoperable network across multiple user sites; Net Services, Novell's software services for bringing about this vision, and Directory-Enabled Network Infrastructure Model (DENIM). DENIM represents an architecture for universal access across internal and external networks via the NDS (Novell Directory Services) directory.

"We're launching (the DENIM) initiative today and we are really (positioning) everything on our product plan to make sure we deliver against this," said Steve Adams, Novell senior vice president of global marketing.

DENIM services include network security, provided by Novell's ZENworks management system, along with content, publishing, storage, and delivery services. Maintaining network access everywhere is a focal point of DENIM, Adams said.

Novell's intention is to provide the simplicity and security needed to accelerate transitions to e-business, Adams said.

Novell Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Eric Schmidt said Novell will supply the scalable, reliable infrastructure needed to ensure access to the Internet via multiple devices.

"What happens is we build a new model based on all the different kinds of access (devices)," Schmidt said.

Novell Directory Services will provide secure communications with customers and partners without breaching firewalls, Schmidt said.

"The right architecture requires a directory," Schmidt said.

The building of one global network, which empowers all, is just in its inception, he said. "I like to think of it (such) that we're building the fabric (of the global network)," Schmidt said.

Following the keynotes, Schmidt in a press question-and-answer session stressed Novell will continue to make the NetWare network operating system. "One hundred percent yes, we will keep making NetWare. Contrary to rumors, the NetWare franchise is growing. Customers are happy and people are deploying it in new ways," Schmidt said.

Schmidt also vowed NDS would become the directory of choice for Windows 2000, as well as for other platforms.

Novell officials demonstrated services intended to enable for business-to-business commerce, including an NDS federation piece that adds users from directory "tree," or branch of the directory, to another tree.

Single-sign functions also were demonstrated, as was a prereleased version of Novell Migration Wizard 4.0, which provides for migration of Windows NT users, groups, and files to NetWare 5.0, via a drag-and-drop command interface.

A Novell user said Novell's presentations this morning represented an expansion beyond the company's specialization as a network operating system vendor to become a more multivendor network services company.

"Overall, I think it certainly sets an exciting direction," said Ron Hodgson, LAN (local area network) administrator with Amway, in Ada, Michigan. "It's a little bit of a different perception for Novell."

"They were OS-specific whereas now they look like they'd like to be all things to all people," Hodgson said.

Also speaking at the conference today, Compaq Computer Corp. President and CEO Michael Capellas heralded his company's plans to boost Internet commerce services via its NonStop fault-tolerant systems. Novell's NDS is being leveraged as part of Compaq's solution, Capellas said.

Reliability of Internet commerce sites is crucial, Capellas said. "Everyone will be faced with how to make e-business work for you or lose out to the competition," he said.

Capellas added Compaq will port NDS to its CompaqTru64 Unix platform for Alpha processors.

Novell Inc., in Provo, Utah, is at

(Stephanie Sanborn contributed to this report.)

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