Concord's MyHealth Ties Net Mgmt. Tools Together

MARLBOROUGH, MASS. (05/26/2000) - Even with good network management software and a competent IT staff, it can be hard to see the forest for the trees when it comes to solving network problems in a large organization.

Concord Communications Inc. next week is introducing its MyHealth management and reporting software, which will allow users to tie together existing Concord management products and view overall network health from a single console.

MyHealth links Concord's recently acquired Empire SystemEDGE and FirstSense Enterprise management products along with the company's original Network Health management offering, providing a single interface to manage network performance and produce reports on everything from network servers, routers and switches to enterprise applications.

According to Christine Washburn, Concord's vice president of marketing, MyHealth will eliminate the runaround IT staffers can experience when trying to solve system problems using reporting tools that only see one aspect of a network.

"When enterprise users say they have network problems, it can be an application response problem a lot of the time,"Washburn says. "But things could be slow because of a system or network problem. Until you had all three aspects of your network in the same [interface], it was really hard to figure out why the network was slow."

MyHealth software can monitor mixed environments where network protocols may differ, switches and routers from different vendors are present and server operating systems are varied. The software can also tie the performance of legacy systems into reports, as well as measure the quality of services from outside service providers.

According to Washburn, the value of MyHealth can be seen most during IT budget planning.

"If there are [network] problems, you need to document exactly why you need more money to buy more equipment - maybe it's because your present routers or servers are maxed out," she says.

MyHealth runs on Windows NT or Unix, and requires either the SystemEDGE or FirstSense monitoring tools to be installed on a network. MyHealth will ship at the end of June and costs $5,000.

Concord Communications:

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