ICE - 3Com Plans Internet Devices for Home

3Com is developing a new line of easy-to-use Internet access devices aimed at home users, Eric Benhamou, the company's chairman and chief executive officer, said here yesterday.

The devices will offer "Palm-like simplicity," Benhamou said, speaking at the Internet Commerce Expo trade show. 3Com has spun off its Palm Computing subsidiary, which makes the popular Palm PDA (personal digital assistant). That line is aimed primarily at mobile business users.

The new line, Benhamou said, is aimed at consumers, and will offer easy access to favorite e-commerce brands. He did not elaborate on how the devices will do that , but said the line will include "the kind of product you might want to have on your countertop."

Benhamou underscored a theme of simplicity here yesterday, saying that consumers want devices that are easy to use.

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