Check Point Beefs Up Management Server

REDWOOD CITY, CALIF. (05/01/2000) - Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. is shipping a new version of its Provider-1 management server. The software, used by ISPs or large enterprise customers, can manage multiple installations of CheckPoint firewall/VPN and traffic-management gear through a single console.

Now called the Provider-1 2000, the updated Unix-based management server lets users create a firewall/virtual private network usage policy once, and have that policy remotely implemented across the Internet on multiple CheckPoint FireWall-1, VPN-1 or Floodgate-1 equipment it manages. In the past, each device had to be configured separately.

By third quarter of this year, Check Point expects to ship a new digital subscriber line-based firewall/VPN appliance built with help from Ramp Software. This as-yet-unnamed device, primarily intended for remote- or home-office use, can also be managed by the Provider-1 2000 server.

According to Check Point's service provider marketing manager Chip Schooler, the Provider-1 2000 server includes preconfigured templates for automatically setting up remote firewalls and VPNs. This way ISPs can more easily provide managed security services to business customers.

"This will lower the provisioning cost," Schooler claims.

The new version of Provider-1 2000 also allows the ISP or corporation to delegate management authority to multiple system administrators. In addition, the ISP managing a corporation's firewall or VPN can give its corporate customer a view of all firewall/VPN or FloodGate-1 traffic-control activities.

The corporation can also be given control of management tasks, even though the firewall management has been outsourced to the ISP. For instance, the corporation can reserve the right to remove user names from the management server so the ISP won't have this task "This way, the corporation doesn't have to worry about calling up their ISP or e-mailing them every time someone leaves the company - they can handle that task themselves," Schooler says.

Provider-1 2000 starts at $79,000 for a large corporate customer or for an ISP managing twenty-five

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