IBM ships 1 millionth RS/6000

IBM started counting how many of its RS/6000 servers it had shipped late last year and discovered that it had already passed 1 million units. The search for who got the lucky server No. 1 million took the company to Austin, Texas, where Funds Xpress Financial Network had purchased two RS/6000 S80s in August 1999.

"We have them in a heterogenous environment," said Jonathan Harber, chief technology officer at Funds Xpress.

Harber said the company conducted a study to determine which Unix machines to purchase to add to its other Unix and Linux machines. Although he didn't say Funds Xpress is becoming an "IBM shop," he did say his company's research convinced him that IBM had changed from being the expensive but safe alternative to a "clear winner as a choice for reliability, scalability and even cost."

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