Report: Glitch Hits Heating, Hospital In Korea

TOKYO (01/03/2000) - South Korea, like most countries, managed to sail into the new year relatively free of problems caused by Year 2000-related computer glitches, but one problem hit the heating system of an apartment complex and forced residents to shiver their way into 2000.

The problem hit thermostats used to control a common heating system in an apartment complex in Pyongchon, Kyonggi province, according to Korean media reports monitored in Tokyo. The thermostats failed at midnight and were offline until 7pm on Saturday evening when engineers switched the system to manual control, said the reports.

Elsewhere in the nation, local media said two hospitals in Kyonggi province reported failures of a computer-controlled bone marrow measurer and patient registration system. The latter failure caused a new born baby to be registered with a 1900 birth date.

In a report to the International Y2K Cooperation Center in Washington, the Korean government reported no major Year 2000-related outages in the first two days of the year.

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