Syllabus: E-Commerce Preparation

SAN FRANCISCO (01/04/2000) - Location: The DuPree College of Management, Georgia Institute of Technology Instructor: Fred RigginsClass Size: About 110 students per semesterDescription: "This course will prepare students to excel in the electronic commerce marketplace in three ways:

1) personal level - students will acquire skills that will allow them to develop applications on the Internet; 2) firm level - students will acquire skills that will allow them to examine the issues concerning how a company would justify the investment of establishing a presence in cyberspace;3) industry level - students will gain an understanding of the potential strategic impacts electronic commerce could have on altering the structure of entire industries."


Electronic Commerce: A Manager's Guide

by Ravi Kalakota and and Andrew B. Whinston (Addison-Wesley). The only

recommended book on the syllabus. "I don't use a textbook," says Riggins. "They

are outdated too quickly."


"America Online: Using Information Technology to Better Serve the Customer" by James I. Cash Jr. and Judy Stahl (Harvard Business Review, Jan. 19, 1997) "Ford Motor Company: Maximizing the Business Value of Web Technologies"by Robert D. Austin and Mark Cotteleer (Harvard Business Review, July 10, 1997) "Onsale, Inc."by Youngme Moon (Harvard Business Review, May 17, 1999) "Business and the Internet (Business Fundamentals Series)"by Lynda M. Applegate (Harvard Business Review, Jan. 22, 1999) "Note on Marketing and the World Wide Web"by John Deighton, John Barabino and Alison Berkley (Harvard Business Review, Jan. 20, 1999) "Making Business Sense of the Internet"by Shikhar Ghosh (Harvard Business Review, March 1, 1998) "Dell Online"by V. Kasturi Rangan and Marie Bell (Harvard Business Review, March 26, 1999) "Virtual Vineyards"by Jeffrey F. Rayport (Harvard Business Review, April 8, 1996) CASE STUDIESAmerica OnlineDell ComputerOnsaleVirtual VineyardsFord Motor Co.

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