White House to Issue Counter-Cyberterrorism Plan

The White House today will release the first official version of its national plan to secure federal networks from intrusions and attacks.

The plan includes 10 initiatives that range from increasing security awareness to research and development of future security technologies.

It also includes a revamped explanation of the Federal Intrusion Detection Network (FIDNet), a system that drew fire last summer from Congress and civil liberties groups when some media incorrectly reported it would monitor networks operated by companies.

The 10 initiatives outlined in the plan are:

1. Identify critical infrastructure assets and shared interdependencies and address vulnerabilities.

2. Detect attacks and unauthorized intrusions3. Develop robust intelligence and law enforcement capabilities to protect critical information systems, consistent with law.

4. Share attack warnings and information in a timely manner.

5. Create capabilities for response, reconstitution and recovery.

6. Enhance research and development in support of items 1 through 5.

7. Train and employ adequate numbers of information security specialists.

8. Conduct outreach to make Americans aware of the need for improved cybersecurity.

9. Adopt legislation and appropriations in support of items 1 through 8.

10. In every step and component of the plan, ensure the full protection of American citizens' civil liberties, their rights to privacy and their rights to the protection of proprietary data.

FCW.COM will post the complete information systems protection plan on Jan. 10.

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