Confusing Terminology

Digital rights management (DRM): The use of technology to prevent unauthorized use of digital files (in any format - sound, images, text, documents or data) and/or to identify the source of such use.

-- Digital asset management (DAM): Basically, inventory control as it is applied to digital assets such as photographs, images, company logos, advertisement art, video clips, scanned historical documents and historical and current data. DAM systems are often linked to databases that contain information about the digital asset. In the case of a photograph, for instance, there might be a database record identifying the date it was taken, the photographer, the place or people photographed and keywords for locating and indexing. DAM is concerned with finding and storing assets, while DRM is about controlling their use.

-- Content management: The task of organizing, indexing and controlling access to large bodies of electronic documents over the Internet and other electronic networks. This typically involves a database system that can find, use and reuse content to maximize its value and minimize the cost to create, maintain and quickly assemble it for a particular business need. Nowadays, the term is often used to refer specifically to that area of Web site management involving pages that are dynamically assembled from existing content files and delivered in real time.

-- Document management systems: Computerized systems designed to manage both electronic and paper documents (after digitization via optical scanning) together. These systems generally use a database to organize the stored documents and a search mechanism for retrieving them.

-- Knowledge management: Realizing full value from an organization's collected data, business intelligence and the skills and knowledge of its workers.

Elements include collaboration, business analysis, content management, information retrieval and workflow.

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