IT Manager Salaries

Job titles: IT manager


Average salaries:

Nationwide -- $68,619

West -- $65,453

Midwest -- $65,560

South -- $63,188

Northeast -- $78,918

Average 1998-99 salary increase -- 8.9%

Percent who feel fairly compensated -- 61.5%Vital statisticsPlace in organization:

Average number of direct and indirect reports -- 8.6Average budget for computer-related equipment -- $3.19 millionBusiness/technology focus:

Percent who focus primarily on technology -- 35.2%Percent who focus on both technology and strategic business problems -- 59.4%Time on, time offAverage workweek -- 48.3 hoursPercent on call after regular working hours -- 65.0%Percent of those on call who are compensated for it -- 10.4%Average vacation, paid sick days, and holidays -- 33.3 daysPercent offered flexible work hours -- 60.2%Career path"A possible next step for an IT manager would be to move to a director-level or vice president of operations [position] where they would have less of a technical focus and more of a strategic business focus."

-- Cathy Neubauer, senior technical recruiter, Pencom Systems, Reston, Va.

Professional resources

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) -- www.acm.orgAssociation of Information Technology Professionals -- www.aitp.orgSociety for Information Management -- www.simnet.orgSOURCES: 1999 InfoWorld Compensation Survey, Pencom Systems

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