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We have a small Windows NT intranet with Windows 95 workstations. We obtained digital subscriber line (DSL) service with nine IP addresses (209.31. 36.29 through .37, gateway is 209.31. 36.1), configured TCP/IP on the workstations and everything worked fine. We then obtained a stock quotation system for three workstations. We installed the equipment and re-addressed the workstations ( through .69, gateway address is The stock service works fine, but it killed the DSL Internet access.

Our back-office system has two NT workstations connected to a Unix box using IP addresses through .3 on the same Ethernet segment as the rest of the office. We want to let the back-office system use the DSL Internet service.

Are there built-in facilities within Win 95 that will let the stock-feed workstations also access the 'Net through our DSL service? How about the back-office workstations? Do we have to employ a hardware solution, such as a router?

Via the Internet

You could provide 'Net access to the back-office systems by giving them IP addresses in the 209.31.36.x range. You may be able to configure the stock-feed workstations to talk through both gateways by abusing the Win 95 route command, but your gateways may not cooperate. A router or a workstation with multiple network cards to route between your IP subnets would solve the address resolution problems.

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