Systems Union Makes A Point Of E-Commerce

U.K.-based Systems Union, an international supplier of SunSystems financial and business software recently announced the release of SunSystems eBusiness Edition, enhancing the e-commerce capabilities of their product line.

"Our mission is to help our clients achieve their goals and make the most of their e-business opportunity. We deliver the back-office systems that organizations need to help them shift their focus from control to innovation, from trading to collaboration. SunSystems eBusiness Edition is designed to enable these organizations derive this eBusiness advantage," said Bruno Lee, general manager, Systems Union, ASEAN.

With the release of SunSystems eBusiness Edition are two key components -- the E-Business Gateway and a powerful Process Management function.

The E-business Gateway is a new integration service to link browser-based self-service applications to SunSystems. The gateway is primarily designed to allow Web-based applications such as storefronts to easily access SunSystems data and submit commercial transactions in real time. Each SunSystems function or transaction is defined as an XML-formatted message, a recognized industry-standard format highly suitable for display in a browser or interpretation by the Web application.

With the Process Management function, process flows and complex validation of data can now be automated, and business rules may be tailored to suit the organization, enabling the automation of end-to-end business processes.

"The heart of an effective eBusiness solution is the application core that manages the flow and capture of data through the system. The eBusiness Edition of SunSystems offers full application functionality to an organization as well as enables the automation and integration of the solution into an eBusiness environment," added Lee.

Systems Union is expected to announce an e-business deal with Citibank in the near future to accelerate any transactions done via the Internet. The company explained that any bank that operates an open systems would be welcomed to join in. Also the company expects to form an alliance to offer customer relationship management (CRM) packages across the Web.

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