1999 Product of the Year: Midtier Services

BEA Systems Inc. BEA WebLogic Server 4.02THE MIDTIER SEGMENT of the market was a hotbed of activity in 1999. Companies began expanding the migration of business logic off client machines and away from back-end platforms. The increasing use of distributed application architectures offers a competitive advantage that lets organizations meld application components during rapid deployments and achieve a quicker time to market.

The growth of the midtier has created a bevy of new and maturing products and solutions that can complicate corporate strategies as well as IT purchasing decisions. Of the many midtier services we evaluated last year, we were most impressed by BEA Systems WebLogic Server 4.0.2.

WebLogic Server stands out among the more than 53 commercial and open-source application servers on the market today. This solution integrates neatly into existing environments, offers flexible integration with development and database products, and scales easily as your application framework grows.

We found WebLogic Server's clustering capabilities especially compelling. In particular, WebLogic Server supports dynamic clustering operations, such as bringing servers online and offline without affecting application services.

Additionally, developers can cluster Web pages and JavaBeans to manage closely load, fail-over, and recovery mechanisms within individual applications.

Developers will find WebLogic Server an easy fit with any number of tools, including IBM's VisualAge for Java and Symantec's VisualCafe. Likewise, WebLogic Server can integrate a wide variety of data sources via Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), including major relational database products, object databases, and any other database that has a JDBC driver.

One of the many application servers available for the midtier, WebLogic Server is well worth your consideration as a solid platform on which to deploy distributed electronic-business applications.

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