1999 Product of the Year: Operating Systems

Red Hat Software Inc. Red Hat Linux 6.1

RED HAT LINUX 6.1 is the most user-friendly Linux release yet, and its installation and system management enhancements make it a strong contender for the enterprise OS space. With this release, Red Hat Linux jumps into the enterprise space feet first -- so it's no wonder that it nabbed the OS Product of the Year award for the fourth year running.

Red Hat Software has made a consistent effort in each release to improve and enhance its product. This is especially true for corporate environments, in which service and support costs are important factors when deciding on an OS platform. Several operating systems were released this year, including SuSE Linux 6.0, SCO UnixWare 7.1, and Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition, but none of them have had the wide-ranging impact on corporate customers of Red Hat Linux 6.1.

This version offers an intuitive graphical installer and supports network and systems management standards, including Lightweight Directory Access Protocol and Wired for Management 2.0. The Red Hat Update Agent saves IT managers time by automatically downloading and optionally installing system updates and security patches, reducing downtime, and enhancing system security.

In addition to these important enterprise-level features, Red Hat Linux 6.1 includes Star Office 5.1a and two applications and tools CDs. The Professional edition adds three Server Bonus Pack CDs that provide tools for installing Red Hat Linux 6.1 as an intranet or Internet server. This wealth of additional software makes this release attractive for both server and desktop environments.

The newest release of the Red Hat Linux OS combines an optimized graphical installer, easy software updates and security fixes, and excellent management capabilities. These newest features turn Red Hat Linux 6.1 into a must-have solution for today's demanding enterprise environments.

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