1999 Product of the Year: E-commerce Solutions

Trilogy Software Inc. Buying Chain 2.0, Professional EditionTHE MARKET FOR electronic-commerce tools and solutions exploded in 1999.

Companies can now pick from a wide variety of buy, build, or outsourced solutions. All of these e-commerce choices have made the strategic purchasing decisions quite complex for enterprise managers.

We faced the same complexity when voting on the E-commerce Solutions winner. In the final analysis, we selected Trilogy Software Buying Chain 2.0, Professional Edition for its support for a wide variety of suppliers, capability of seamlessly linking with back-end systems, and easy installation and management facilities.

In July's Web-based procurement Test Center Comparison, Buying Chain leaped ahead of its competition, including Works.com's solution and Agentics' SupplyChannel. Buying Chain proved a much more reasonable investment when compared with the other solutions. The only major drawback we discovered was that Buying Chain is limited to Windows NT and Microsoft Internet Information Server.

We found Buying Chain well-suited for companies that want to automate the purchasing process for multiple departments or cost centers without a heavy investment, either in dollars or administration requirements. Particularly impressive were Buying Chain's easy-to-use administration functions that enable managers to define which users or groups can purchase particular items.

In addition, Buying Chain nicely supports multiple routing rules and can neatly link to corporate e-mail systems to keep the purchasing process moving. And its management features ensure that companies will be able to closely monitor purchases. Also, its training costs will be little to nonexistent given the product's well-thought-out interfaces.

The Trilogy procurement offering contains sophisticated features at an excellent price. It not only earned this award, but it also won the winner's spot in our Comparison and an InfoWorld Test Center Hot Pick.

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