Isolated Y2K Glitches Hit Botswana

Although the rollover to the new millennium was generally successful, some minor Y2K glitches continue to be reported to the National Year 2000 Secretariat here.

Keith Alcock, head of the committee, said that some of these problems were related mainly to fax and telex systems in some very important offices in the country. There have also been failures in some medical equipment used at the Athlope Hospital in Lobatse. Telex machines in some police departments also failed to recognize the new millennium, and some rolled over to Jan. 1, 1900 at midnight, he said, while others simply rolled over to Jan. 4, 1980.

Alcock confirmed that problems with automatic banking machines and electricity systems in the nation's second largest city, Francistown, were not related to Y2K but resulted from other faults.

At the end of last week, statistics of were still trickling in but the head of the Secretariat said the major computer systems are generally doing fine in telecommunications, finance, power, diamonds and water.

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