Details Fuzzy on New Lotus Pricing Scheme

How can a new software pricing plan be

both easier to understand than the existing system and yet, at the same time,

too complex to explain?

This conundrum may well prove to be a prevailing issue here at the annual Lotusphere trade show where Lotus Development Corp. chief Jeff Papows this morning touted the software vendor's new, improved pricing plan, but later in the day told the press that he couldn't supply further details on it due to the plan's complex nature.

During his keynote speech this morning, Papows said that the new pricing plan will no longer require end-users to be rocket scientists to figure out how the plan works. He offered no additional details and so was quizzed about the pricing scheme during a press conference here this afternoon.

The "bulk" of the pricing plan will be in place by the end of this quarter, Papows said, with specific price points also to be provided soon. But when asked to provide a few details now, he said at today's forum that "it's too complex" to provide information on the plan.

However, Papows assured reporters and analysts that the new Lotus price plan will be aggressive and -- despite its apparent complexity -- will be easier to understand than the current price plan.

Lotus, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, can be reached at +1-617-577-8500 or at

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