The Bug Report

SAN MATEO (01/21/2000) - Cisco has discovered that many of its products with Kerberos Client functionality will have leap-year problems. If the Kerberos credentials expire in January or February of leap years, they will fail in a "deny" state, which shuts off all Kerberos-authenticated access. Cisco's short-term workaround is to use another authentication scheme such as TACACS+ or RADIUS. Interim solutions can also be found at

Novell says that if you are going to use Novell NetWare 5 Support Pack 4 with Intel-based PCI cards, you should set the Maximum Physical Receive Packet Size to 2048 or greater. If you do not, you will get either poor performance or a driver failure. The affected drivers include\ E100.LAN, E100B.LAN and CE100B.LAN (Intel); HPTX.LAN and CHPTX.LAN (Hewlett-Packard); IBMFE.LAN and CIBMFE.LAN (IBM); and N100.LAN (Compaq).

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