FaxMailer Delivers Solid E-mail-to-Fax Package

WITH EVERY purchasing decision you make, you're faced with the dilemma of finding ways to slash capital investment and maintenance costs. One way of doing this is by leveraging an existing infrastructure when implementing new software.

NetMoves Corp. offers such an opportunity with FaxMailer 1.0, an e-mail-based Internet fax service that uses the e-mail system already in place to deliver outbound faxes. By integrating e-mail and fax into one messaging system, this desktop software application eliminates the burden of purchasing and supporting a fax server infrastructure.

NetMoves holds 30 percent of the Internet fax service-provider market, targeting small businesses and large corporations. AT&T, Cynet, FaxNet, and Fax2Net are its primary competitors, but stiff competition also comes from the traditional client/server faxing solutions, including RightFAX Enterprise Suite. But unlike these tools, FaxMailer, as an outsource solution, requires no additional hardware or software, no end-user training, and no maintenance.

NetMoves provides a wide range of Internet and e-mail services, including FaxCourier. This incoming fax-to-e-mail solution can provide inbound and outbound fax capabilities on a fully outsourced basis when combined with FaxMailer.

I found FaxMailer to be an extremely easy-to-use and secure solution. To test it, I first registered my existing e-mail address with NetMoves. If you are dealing with many e-mail users, you can give NetMoves an electronic list of users' e-mail addresses. As soon as NetMoves has your company's users, the process of sending a fax becomes identical to that of sending an e-mail.

To send a fax, all I had to do was address the message with the recipient's fax number in a new e-mail message in the "to:" line followed by "@netmoves.com":

"To:16503120570@netmoves.com." I was then able to send an e-mail message with or without an attachment to any fax machine.

I tested several file formats, including Microsoft Office, Lotus SmartSuite, and Visio documents, and I mixed up the number of pages that I faxed. I was happy to eliminate the process of printing a hard copy and walking to the fax machine.

FaxMailer works by taking the e-mail message or a file attached to an e-mail message and directing it to the NetMoves Global Internet Document Delivery Network, where the e-mail or the attached file is converted to and delivered as a fax.

When the fax was received, FaxMailer notified me by e-mail with a delivery notice, which provided a complete list of customer service contact methods.

FaxMailer supports the most popular types of documents that business users typically send, including Microsoft Office and Project, Lotus SmartSuite, Corel WordPerfect Suite, Visio Edition Series, HTML, PDF, and PostScript files.

FaxMailer also supports e-mail text as well as documents in other languages.

FaxMailer is a great solution for organizations of all sizes that need an easy-to-use desktop e-mail to fax solution. It will help administrators reduce costs by eliminating additional hardware purchases and maintenance support.

Senior Analyst Ana Orubeondo (ana_orubeondo@infoworld.com) covers telecommunications and networking technologies and products.


NetMoves FaxMailer 1.0

Summary: This easy-to-use, secure, Internet-based desktop fax service requires no installation of client or server software or hardware.

Business Case: FaxMailer capitalizes on a company's existing e-mail infrastructure, so it helps IT administrators reduce capital investment costs by eliminating the need for fax machines, dedicated phone lines and equipment maintenance.


+ No significant capital investment

+ No end-user training required

+ Leverages in-place e-mail system


- Administrators have no control over the outbound faxing infrastructure- Specific applications and type faces may not be supportedCost: $39.95 and less for an enterprise license, plus $0.10 to $0.15 per page fees for outbound faxes; $39.95 per user for less than 100 users, plus $0.10 per fax page terminating in the United StatesNetMoves Corp., Edison, N.J.; (800) 828-7115, ext. 2672; www.netmoves.com

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