Dreamcast Internet Use Hits 500,000 Accounts

TOKYO (01/25/2000) - Corp., the Internet service provider that offers Internet access to users of Sega Enterprises Co. Ltd.'s Dreamcast games console, says subscriptions to its service have passed the half-million mark.

More than 500,000 users of the 128-bit games machine are now using the device to connect to the Internet. The Dreamcast was the first of the current generation 128-bit games machines, and was launched in Japan in November 1998.

It has sold approximately 1.65 million units in Japan since launch.

The capability to access the Internet is now seen as a key feature for all games machines. Sony's upcoming PlayStation 2, which will be launched in Japan in less than two months, features not only that capability but also the capability to connect to future broadband networks such as cable Internet and wireless systems.

In addition to allowing basic access to the Web and e-mail, the system also allows users to battle opponents across the Internet in two-player games.

Isao Corp. is 50 percent owned by CSK Corp., the parent of Sega Enterprises, and 35 percent by Sega Enterprises.

Sega, in Tokyo, can be found online at http://www.sega.co.jp/.

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