Bulletin: Clinton Pledges Data Privacy

TOKYO (01/28/2000) - U.S. President Bill Clinton tonight pledged in his State of the Union Address to send legislation to Congress "soon" that will protect the privacy of financial records and to this year finalize rules covering the privacy of medical records.

"To accelerate the march of discovery across all disciplines of science and technology, my budget includes an unprecedented $3 billion increase in the 21st Century Research Fund, the largest increase in civilian research in a generation," said Clinton.

"These new breakthroughs must be used in ways that reflect our values. First and foremost, we have to safeguard our citizens' privacy. Last year, we proposed rules to protect every citizen's medical records. This year, we will finalize those rules," he said.

"We have also taken the first steps to protect the privacy of bank and credit card records and other financial statements. Soon I will send legislation to the Congress to finish that job," the President said in the televised address, monitored in Tokyo.

More to come.

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