Carrying a Concealed Business Weapon

SAN FRANCISCO (01/27/2000) - If Mae West were still around, she'd be famous for saying, "Is that a Palm Pilot in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

Anyone who's regularly used a handheld organizer, cell phone, or other personal electronics device has probably stuffed them awkwardly into pockets, jammed them into briefcases, or clipped them to a belt. Clearly, this is not the most convenient way to carry sophisticated electronic equipment.

Now a one-product Saint Augustine, Florida company, Personal Electronics Concealment LLC, believes it has the solution: a holster especially designed for gadgets instead of guns. The e-Holster lets you pack heat in the form of gizmos -- personal digital assistants, cell phones, pagers, and the like -- for easy, comfortable access. No more unsightly bulges, the company claims, as you can conceal the holster under a coat. Or you can wear the holster out, to make a fashion and technology statement.

Designed for those living the "Web lifestyle," the e-Holster is black, unisex, and modular. You can add, remove, or move each pocket, called an e-Pouch, from one side to another by snapping or unsnapping it from the e-Harness.

There are two e-Holster flavors: the Basic Professional model ($60) and the Leather Professional ($100). Both come with e-Pouches for a cell phone and a Palm Pilot or similar-sized PDA. The phone pouches are designed to accommodate various sizes, ranging from the compact Motorola StarTac to full-size Sprint PCS phones with Internet browsing capabilities. The Basic Professional is made of synthetic material, while the more expensive holster is leather.

The e-Holster was partly designed with the help of concealment expert Jerry Ahern, who is described in company literature as a regular contributor to Gun World magazine and a science-fiction writer. Personal Electronics Concealment plans to offer additional e-Pouches in the future for MP3 players, wallets, eyeglasses, CD players, pagers, keys, digital cameras, and more.

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