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SAN MATEO (01/28/2000) - Sun-Netscape provides wireless serverThe Sun-Netscape Alliance this week will unveil the iPlanet Wireless Server, offering wireless access to e-mail, directory, and calendar services. The wireless server supports WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) and HDML (Handheld Device Markup Language), as well as Web browsers, and formats information to suit particular device interfaces via XML-based style sheets. An SMS (Short Message Service) plug-in for the iPlanet Messaging Server allows SMS alerts and messages to be sent to wireless devices. The iPlanet Wireless Server, targeted at service providers, is in beta form with plans for release by the end of March.

Bell Atlantic, GTE may sell GTE's Net groupIn an attempt to push forward their planned merger, Bell Atlantic and GTE last week filed a proposal with the Federal Communications Commission, outlining a plan to restructure GTE's Internetworking business. The filing proposes selling 90 percent of the GTE Internet backbone division to the public, as well as $500 million in investments outside of the company's local service area, within three years of the completed merger. The appeal is aimed at jump-starting the stalled FCC approval process that is keeping Bell Atlantic from a $52.8 billion merger with GTE. The merger deal was first announced in July 1998 but is being held up by the FCC because of a regulatory conflict concerning the companies' proposed voice and data long-distance business.

Lucent offers IPNC for IP-based networksLucent Technologies last week announced the launch of its Internet Protocol Network Configurator (IPNC) to simplify the management and automated configuration of IP-based router networks. IPNC also addresses potential service outages by taking a "snapshot" of network configuration files and storing them in a database for retrieval in the event of an outage, officials said. The IPNC software, available by the end of the month, was designed by Bell Labs.

Corel checks Linux security hole

Software maker Corel last week confirmed that it is battling a security hole in Corel Linux. The security hole applies only to Corel Update, a GUI that Corel has put on top of the Debian distribution of Corel Linux, officials said. The Debian distribution or version of Corel Linux is supported by a core of about 500 volunteer developers and is distinct from others for its emphasis on online updates. If a customer is using a version of Corel Linux that is strictly a Debian distribution, without the Corel Update GUI, the problem will not affect that customer, Corel officials said. The hole lets users who have privileges to remotely log on to a server to replace the scripts running in Corel Update with scripts they create themselves.

Inprise to tie Web and C++ development

Hoping to bridge the gap between C++ and Internet development, Borland/Inprise is adding support for XML and HTML 4 to its development tool with the pending release of Borland C++ Builder 5. The other significant improvement, according to Inprise, is in the areas of memory-error detection and run-time error detection that officials said are most often responsible for bugs. To address that issue, the company has added what it calls CodeGuard technology to help developers detect memory bugs before they release their programs. Borland C++ Builder 5 will be available in Professional, Enterprise, and Standard ($99) editions next month.

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