NHC Announces ASP Portal

SAN MATEO (05/01/2000) - With the insurance industry awash in time-consuming, costly paperwork, NHC Software Inc. on Monday announced an ASP (application service provider) partnership with Healtheon Corp. and WebMD, and introduced two software solutions that automate payment and claims procedures required in property and casualty bill review.

By utilizing standardized checklist forms that are scanned into an insurer's system or uploaded to the ASP portal, HNC's CompAdvisor 3.0 and AutoAdvisior 3.0 reduce processes that normally require up to ten manual steps through various departments down to three steps -- scanning, processing, and output through a printer.

Likewise, two out of three of the claims processed with the new software will require no human intervention or audit, increasing productivity by 500 percent, according to HNC data.

Available immediately in a Windows NT-compatible bundle, the two solutions will also be available within six to 12 months through a pay-as-you-go ASP model, with Healtheon and WebMD, according to Earl Malit, president of HNC's Insurance Solutions Division.

The ASP portal will reside at www.hncis.com,. and enable smaller underwriters to utilize the software solutions without the added cost of having to maintain them in-house.

"We're aiming at all three segments of the insurance market: the high end, for companies like Liberty Mutual, that want scalable solutions for their own networks; the middle market; and the smaller regional companies that would benefit from the ASP model," Malit said.

HNC's CompAdvisor 3.0 and AutoAdvisior 3.0 are complete re-writes or current HNC software using open architecture which allows customers to modify the software and the rules in which data is processed to meet their own individual workflow and local policy needs.

The software also knows what each state requires as far as mandatory information fields. It will not allow a user to delete or forget to enter such required information for his or her region.

HNC Software, in San Diego, California, is at www.hncis.com.

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