Brighten Up Your Large-Group Presentations

SAN FRANCISCO (05/01/2000) - Today's sub-5-pound projectors are fine for road warriors who make presentations to audiences of a dozen people or less. But to deliver a presentation that has enough brightness for a larger audience in a lecture hall or conference room, you need a more powerful machine.

Enter Proxima Corp.'s Proxima DP6850, a $5999 LCD projector with native XGA (1024 by 768) resolution and a motorized zoom lens and focus. It costs more than others in its class but it also has a 190-watt UHB (ultrahigh-brightness) lamp that can generate a whopping 1500 ANSI lumens of light--twice as much as the competition. This allows the DP6850 to project bright images measuring up to 24.3 feet diagonally from a distance of 35 feet. You can also use the DP6850 at much closer distances (2 feet is the minimum image size, at a distance of 3.6 feet), but this 13.2-pound unit is primarily designed for large-group presentations.

The DP6850 features the usual complement of inputs and outputs for sound and video. But unlike many projectors, it also has extra RGB video and sound inputs that allow multiple, simultaneous laptop hookups--useful if several people will be making presentations at one gathering. The Proxima's easy on-screen controls--color balance, rear and ceiling projection, and more--are accessible both on top of the projector and via the unit's handy remote control.

I tested the DP6850 with a 500-MHz Pentium III laptop, viewing a collection of PowerPoint presentations and digital photographs as well as an episode of cable TV's The Sopranos on a tabletop screen (at distances of 5 and 8 feet) and a highly reflective white wall (20 feet away). The results were consistently impressive: bright and pleasing images with rich color and excellent contrast.

If you're looking for a versatile machine that projects rich images in conference rooms and classrooms, the Proxima DP6850 is an excellent choice.


Heavy Hitter: The 13.2-pound Proxima DP6850 delivers bright (1500 ANSI lumens) images in medium-size conference rooms.

Proxima DP6850

PRO: Very bright, vibrant color, optical zoom lens.

CON: May be too heavy for some, carrying case costs extra.

VALUE: Excellent projector for large conference rooms.

Street price: $5999



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