Affirmations for New Leadership

SAN MATEO (06/05/2000) - About 15 years ago, early into the development of my third company, I started working with a business coach, Dr. John Bullaro, who combined spirituality, philosophy, and concrete business skills in helping me strengthen and develop a solid foundation for my new company.

One morning, John walked into my office and asked me if I wrote affirmations. I told him I didn't know what he was talking about. He decided to dedicate that morning to teaching me the value of writing affirmations. He began the session by warning me to think carefully about the affirmations I wrote, because his experience was that all the affirmations he made came true.

He proceeded to teach me the art of writing affirmations, and the power attached to that process. For example, one of the affirmations I wrote a couple of years ago:

"I am living in a house with beautiful views, in a clean environment, temperate climate, and closer to nature."

Without exaggeration, that was the first step toward living where I am now -- in San Luis Obispo County, in an octagon-shaped house, views from every perspective, in a clean environment, and temperate climate.

Was this a coincidence? After practicing this (not as regularly as I should) for many years, I can tell you with personal conviction, that I now begin all major journeys with affirmations. The key is not just writing it down, but reading it every evening before you go to sleep and every morning when you wake, so it becomes part of your subconscious and conscious focus, moving you into action.

So I thought it particularly appropriate, given the philosophy of WITI and the focus of this issue, to ask you to join me in writing affirmations for the new leadership, the new millennium, given the fact that all change begins with a thought, an affirmation.

We are now experiencing a new leadership moving into the mainstream of corporate America. Here is what it looks like:

The Good Ol' Boy network is being replaced by teams of people with diverse backgrounds and different genders.

New work environments support everyone, extending respect, encouragement, and outreach to everyone with whom they interact, with the purpose of helping each individual realize their fullest potential.

Leadership has changed; we are seeing more women and men assume co-CEO leadership positions. Executive boardrooms are more interesting and balanced, and new leaders are encouraged to look at the impact they are making on society as a whole, not just the bottom line.

Everyone is regularly reminded that their company benefits most when they contribute to an environment that nurtures individuals, ideas, and a range of perspectives.

Society is experiencing more harmony and less family abuse; individuals are healthier -- physically, mentally and spiritually.

Last but not least, narcissism and arrogance are no longer tolerated. They have been replaced by a spirit of wanting to make our work a contribution towards a better society, a better future.

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