Inprise/Borland previews RAD tools for Linux

Continuing its rollout of developer tools for Linux, Inprise/Borland has previewed its Kylix Project, codename for the company's rapid application development (RAD) tools for the Linux platform.

Aimed squarely at making the operating system popular on the desktop, the Kylix Project is a component-based development environment for two-way visual development of GUI (graphical user interface), Internet, database and server applications. Kylix will be powered by a new high-speed native Delphi, C and C++ compiler for Linux and will implement a native Linux version of the Borland VCL (Visual Component Library) architecture.

Linux's popularity at the desktop has been stymied by lack of user interface, said David Intersimmone, vice president of developer relations at Inprise/Borland.

"The lack of robust, professional development tools on Linux has restricted the number of software applications available on Linux," he added.

"Visual Basic won't move to [support] Linux for a while, so we have taken this opportunity to reach those developers," Intersimmone said.

Inprise/Borland has been moving its product range to Linux over the past year to let developers build multitiered applications as well as applications for desktop, Internet and client/server environments, Intersimmone said. Presently, Inprise offers full J2EE Linux development. JBuilder Enterprise 3.5 includes a complete Java development environment plus a development-only licence for Inprise Application Server 4. Inprise's Java IDE (integrated development environment) and Inprise Application Server 4's complete set of J2EE services fill the gaps in Linux's development and middleware repertoire.

The Kylix Beta Program will be open in July 2000 and Inprise/Borland will start shipping some flavours of C++ and Delphi for Linux in the second half of 2000.

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