JAVAONE: Sun chief gives fresh outlook on Top 10

Another Sun event, another Top 10 list. Sun Microsystems chairman and chief executive officer Scott McNealy has become famous for his Microsoft bashing lists, and he didn't intend to disappoint the appreciative audience at yesterday's JavaOne event here.

The Top 10 list is a trademark of US talk show television host David Letterman, where he counts down a list of amusing one-liners about a particular newsworthy topic.

McNealy said he had received some complaints from people about his continual criticisms of Microsoft and so had tried to find another topic for yesterday's Top 10, but in vain. "They said 'stop bashing the poor folks, they're getting creamed'," he said. "But with the whole Outlook thing, it was just too hard to resist."

Microsoft's Outlook email client software has been hit hard by hackers of late, most notoriously with the "ILOVEYOU" virus early last month. So McNealy decided to roll the Outlook issue in with the antitrust trial brought against Microsoft by the US Department of Justice (DOJ).

Top 10 New Slogans Provided by the DOJ for Microsoft Outlook:

10: Look out, here comes Outlook.

9: Hey, where did you want to go today anyhow? (Microsoft's slogan is "Where do you want to go today?")8: I can't believe it ate the whole thing.

7: Call 1-800-ALT-DELETE.

6: You got nailed (a parody of America Online.'s "You've got mail" message which pops up as users receive their e-mail.)5: You deserve a break today. ("Oops, that was one about Windows," McNealy said.)4: Just don't do it.

3: Got data? Are you sure?

2: So, punk, do you feel lucky today?

1: I love you, you love me, look what happened with VB. (Microsoft's Visual Basic -- the love bug was a VB script worm.)

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