Compaq Expands SAN Storage Capacity

HOUSTON (06/07/2000) - Compaq Computer Corp. announced a raft of storage products this week for corporate users who wish to divorce their Fibre Channel storage-area networks (SAN) from legacy SCSI storage.

The new products also target small-business customers looking to securely store mission- critical departmental applications without breaking the bank shelling out large amounts of cash with an enterprise-class storage system.

The company introduced four mid- to high-level storage devices and one piece of back-up software that work with Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, NetWare, Tru64 Unix, OpenVMS, Solaris, HP-UX and AIX servers. They are the:

Modular Array 6000.

Enclosure 4300.

SSL 2020 AIT Library.

TA 1000 AIT Tape Array, and enhancements to the StorageWorks back-up product.

The Modular Array 6000 is a Fibre Channel storage product that works with multiple vendors' equipment, as well as with Compaq Alpha and Proliant servers.

Although an entry-level product for firms with multiple remote locations or companies wanting to build a small SAN, the Modular Array 6000 can be upgraded to Compaq's larger Modular Array 8000 and Enclosure Modular Array 12000 storage subsystems.

The Enclosure 4300 supports up to 14 drives in only five inches of rack space and is used to expand the disks attached to a storage array. Users can upgrade from the Compaq 4200 when size demands it. The 4300 supports SCSI 3 at up to 160M bit/sec.

The SSL 2020 AIT Library is a single- or dual-drive tape library that works with a range of operating systems, server platforms and applications. It holds up to 20, 50G-byte cassettes. The TA 1000 AIT Tape Array is a oneterabyte back-up device that fits in a rack-mount configuration. It now works with the StorageWorks Enterprise Backup product.

"Considering that a business' most valuable asset is its data, it makes sense to divert a large portion of IT capital money to storage solutions," says Ken Weaverling, manager of computer support and applications at Delaware Technical & Community College in Wilmington.

"A storage solution that I can use for all my needs, for various operating systems and hardware is the best, along with a method for tape backup, of course," says Weaverling, who is considering installing a SAN to handle the NT, Win 2000, Linux and Tru64 servers he has.

All products are available now. A low-end Modular Array 6000 with one controller with 14 drives starts at $17,000. A two-controller version with 14 drives starts at $33,000. The SSL 2020 AIT Library costs $30,000; the TA 1000 AIT Tape Array costs $40,000.


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