Suite blends e-commerce, applications for GST

Anticipating a surge in GST compliant software, Exo-net has launched a suite of products which integrates back-end accounting systems and e-commerce applications.

Exo-net 3000 is a client/server-based, back-office enterprise resource planning platform teamed with e-commerce applications delivered via active server pager technology and a standard browser, a company spokesman said.

Based on a SQL engine, running on either Windows NT, Novell or Linux, the 3000 supports five to 200 users. It links a company's ‘shopping basket' Web front end to back end processes such as accounting and order management, all running on the same centralised database.

Simon Butler, Exo-net managing director, said in addition to scalability the software can be customised to any industry without going back to the developer because there are extra field options inherent to the set-up.

Butler said Australia is well behind the rest of the world in deploying integrated e-commerce business systems.

"Despite Australia's lead in per capita technology take-up we have been slow to move on the integration of e-commerce with back-office business systems," he said.

"This has allowed start-up companies in traditional industries such as real estate and travel to get a jumpstart on brand or market leaders.

Butler said companies are now starting to realise if they don't get their systems in order, they are leaving a huge gap for the competitors to exploit.

"Simply having a Web site is no longer good enough; to realise Internet benefits a third generation e-commerce model is a must have," he said.

"This allows a company to treat the Web as an extension of its core business activities rather than as an isolated marketing project."

As a result of the GST it is no accident Exo-net chose to enter the Australian market this year.

"Our research showed most companies are running old DOS systems with a Windows front end that will not provide the infrastructure necessary for a successful e-commerce project," Butler said.

"Initially the company planned to integrate e-commerce solutions but found many companies were not integration ready.

"Consequently we concentrated on developing an integrated SQL-based ERP back end and e-commerce front end."

The Exo-net suite is available now at $1990 per single-user licence (concurrent user licence) with a one-off charge of $19.95 for a shopping basket front end.

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