WebAgain Can Undo What Hackers Do

SAN FRANCISCO (06/12/2000) - If you have a Web site, there are few things worse than finding that it's the victim of a hacker attack.

LockStep Systems Inc. says it has the solution in WebAgain, a utility that automatically detects any unauthorized Web site changes and restores the site without user intervention.

Available as of Monday, WebAgain sells for US$499 and runs on Windows NT or 2000. It can run on your own local server or at your Internet service provider.

WebAgain can also monitor your Web site remotely using either a dial-up or broadband connection.

WebAgain works by periodically archiving your Web site and checking for any changes. When authorized changes need to be made, Web authors publish their content directly to the WebAgain server, which updates the site immediately and archives the pages. The product is compatible with all major Web authoring programs, including Microsoft FrontPage, Adobe GoLive, and PageMill. WebAgain guarantees delivery of updated, authorized content by repeatedly attempting to publish it if unsuccessful the first time.

According to the company, WebAgain can detect any change to a Web site, whether obvious or subtle. When a change is detected, the site is automatically restored to the last update (although users can also choose "any-point-in-time" restoration). The product can automatically notify users of changes via e-mail, and it also sends hacked Web pages to a Quarantine area for offline inspection.

WebAgain is designed for virtually any size Web installation. A single license can protect multiple Web sites as well as mirror sites from a single WebAgain server.

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