PTI Publishes Paper on Stoplight Cameras

WASHINGTON (06/08/2000) - A nonprofit technology organization for cities and counties has published a position paper on the issues involved in using cameras to enforce stopping at red lights.

Public Technology Inc.'s "Is Photo Enforcement For You?: A White Paper for Public Officials" discusses lessons learned from jurisdictions that have used technology to cut down on drivers running red lights.

It discusses topics that should be considered before using the technology, such as privacy, finances, operations and public education.

"We want to give them an idea of what's happening now and what will be happening so they can make good choices," said Robert Hicks, the director of PTI's transportation programs division.

Hicks said the paper is directed at public officials and is written in layman's terms to be easily understood. It also provides examples of practical results from the use of cameras by various jurisdictions around the country.

The paper is available to government officials for US$10 and others for $20.

Hicks said the fee is necessary to recoup printing losses because the organization did not receive outside funding. PTI's Urban Consortium Transportation Task Force sponsors the paper.

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