Visioneer Scans in the Features

SAN FRANCISCO (06/12/2000) - Visioneer Inc. has released a new flatbed scanner designed to offer high-end imaging features in a low-price system.

The 6200USB, which lists for US$89.99, uses an imaging "eyeball" and features a respectable resolution of 600-by-1200 dots per inch. It captures scans with a 14-bit analog-to-digital converter to provide more color precision than the 12-bit captures of most inexpensive scanners. But the 6200USB can transfer only 12 bits of color information per color channel to your PC: It uses the additional 2 bits internally for extracting the most accurate color.

Why does a scanner capable of capturing 14-bit color data send only 12-bit data to the PC? Largely because few consumers need such high-precision color or have the hardware to cope with the enormous files it produces. In fact, only a few professional graphics software packages can operate with anything more than 8 bits per channel--what Windows calls "millions of colors."

In keeping with the low-cost strategy, the 6200USB supports only USB and does not provide a document feeder or transparency adapter (those capabilities are not available as options).

But it does offer two useful convenience features. First, the lid comes off to allow scanning odd-shaped, thick, or oversize objects. And second, Visioneer's automatic cropping capability recognizes nonstandard sizes of documents, therefore capturing them on the first scan, without requiring the user to prescan and select the desired area for a final run.

The 6200USB comes with full copies of OCR package TextBridge Pro version 8 and document-archiving package PaperPort Deluxe 6.5, as well as MGI's image editor, PhotoSuite II SE.

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