InsightExpress Provides Instant Online Research

SAN FRANCISCO (01/28/2000) - InsightExpress is a Web site that lets you test your marketing concepts by "blue skying" them in cyberspace. The concept of bouncing concepts off actual or potential consumers isn't new, but now you can poll Internet users and get feedback in just hours or days.

InsightExpress was created in October 1999 through the alliance of NFO Worldwide Inc. and Engage Technologies Inc. NFO Worldwide is an Internet-based custom marketing research firm with expertise in wide-ranging research methodologies. Engage Technologies is a provider of profile-driven Internet marketing solutions.

By using Engage's 35 million anonymous online profiles to recruit survey respondents, InsightExpress provides fully automated market research to its clients and aims to deliver "fast, affordable, and reliable" insights into consumer buying behaviors and attitudes.

According to beta testers, results of surveys conducted through InsightExpress are fast and easy to access. They are delivered in a graphic format, so clients don't have to take a lot of time analyzing the data. The benefit to these users is that they can put together a survey by the seat of their pants and get results in a day instead of in a month or more as would be the case with traditional surveys.

InsightExpress also costs less than many traditional professional marketing surveys, with the cost of the average InsightExpress survey running about $1000. Prices are dependent on the client's target audience and the number of completions they require.

Blue skying by the seat of your pants is possible here because of how easy it is to conduct a survey. Just go to and click on Create a Survey. Register as a new user, input your credit card number, and answer a few questions about the survey you want to create. You can sample audiences by sex, age, geographic location (within 12 U.S. metropolitan areas), or by another determination, such as parents, online shoppers, technology users, small office/home office buyers, investors, and more.

InsightExpress takes your choice of respondents and links it to their lists, which is where Engage Technologies and NFO Worldwide come in. InsightExpress accesses their databases of online households, Web sites, and online consumers.

Companies can also provide their own databases of customers or employees.

Instant online marketing surveys for the masses is what InsightExpress brings to the table. While it won't replace full-blown professional studies, it offers organizations the ability the blue sky on a whim.

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