Array Networks scales down

Array Networks is coming out with two scaled-down SSL remote access appliances that are designed for businesses.

The company is releasing the SPX 2000 and SPX 3000, which are similar to gear the company makes for service providers, but with the capacity for fewer simultaneous users. The boxes support up to 500 and 2,500 simultaneous users, respectively, so these are still by no means designed for small businesses.

The previous SP line of equipment scaled up to 64,000 users.

For customers that need more capacity than a single device can provide, multiple SPXs can be tied together.

Beyond capacity, these devices come with other features attractive to larger businesses. For example, the appliances can be configured with up to 128 portals that control access to as many groups with differing security profiles. So a business partner could have a different portal from a business customer who could have a different portal from an employee. Each could have different access restrictions and authentication requirements.

In addition, the devices also check remote machines to make sure they meet security policies before they are allowed to connect.

The remote machines are kept secure via a secure desktop that is set up for the duration of SSL sessions then wiped out so the machines store no record of the sessions or of any files accessed during the sessions.

Customers who had written off Array equipment as too large and too expensive will have to reconsider when the weigh their SSL remote access options.

SPX 2000 costs US$10,000 with one user license. SPX 3000 costs US$20,000 with one license. Extra licenses cost more. A 500-user license costs US$15,000 extra.

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