LSI Bolsters Network-Attached Storage Devices

MILPITAS, CALIF. (06/22/2000) - Storage vendor LSI Logic Corp. next week will launch a series of modular network-attached storage (NAS) devices designed for use in large enterprise networks that have storage demands ranging from 54G bytes to 17 terabytes of data.

Available in four models, the rack-mounted MetaStor N33XX and N43XX storage devices will have redundant and hot-pluggable components for fault tolerance and operate on Windows NT, Unix, Linux, AppleTalk, NetWare and HTTP networks.

They will support from 50 to 1,700 users and be expandable as a network grows.

Each has a processor cache that is up to 8G bytes in size. The MetaStor N-Series products will replace LSI's E4400 storage system.

"Today we have about 750G bytes of data that will expand to about a terabyte," says Dave Dunlap, manager of production for printer Towery Publishing in Memphis, Tennessee. "The modular architecture of the MetaStor is essential as we grow so we can add storage when we need it."

The new N3300 and 4300 have dual modules that communicate with the disk drives concurrently. Each communication module serves I/O requests and stands in for the other module in the event of a failure. The NAS appliances also feature duplicate array controllers, drive modules, power supplies, fans and disk drives, and can support two UltraSPARC processors.

The N3350 and 4350 have the same security features, but each communications module can host up to four UltraSPARC processors running at 400 MHz, making them more powerful arrays, the company says.

All of the appliances use an embedded operating system and can be installed, managed and configured through a browser-based program called JetWorks Plus.

This software provides server monitoring, manages all the file-sharing protocols used and allows failover configuration.

They also support up to four 10/100M-bps Ethernet or FDDI network adapters for attachment to network segments and each can contain 18G-, 36G- or 73G-byte drives that operate at 10,000 rpm.

The N3300 and 4300 appliances are available now and start with 54G bytes of disk space. The N3350 and 4350 start at 180G bytes. The boxes support snapshot backups, which allow point-in-time copying, and start at US$150,000.

LSI Logic:

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