Compaq Adds to, Upgrades Presario Line

BOSTON (06/22/2000) - A motley color scheme, easy-access maintenance and Internet-oriented keyboards are highlights of Compaq Computer Corp.'s new Presario desktop and notebook machines announced this week.

The new Presario 5000 and 7000 Series desktop machines come in such colors as Smokey Quartz, Amber Orange and Amethyst Purple. Or if one of the six color possibilities does not suffice, the MyStyle Accent Color Kit is available so users can change the colors of the computer's front panel, keyboard insert and speaker grills.

"Compaq is trying to recapture some of the retail space, along with HP (Hewlett-Packard Co.)," said Anne Bui, a desktop analyst for International Data Corp. "They are trying to get across the personal computing experience."

Both desktop series, available now, are equipped with a "pop-off" panel and "screwless" rail design to allow access to card slots and storage devices. The models also come with an Internet keyboard that has a light on it to let users know when they have e-mail.

Compaq officials also unveiled two new laptop machines - the Presario 1400 and 1700 Series. Upgrades also were made to the existing Presario 1800 Series notebook to offer greater processing speed and a larger hard drive.

The Presario 1400 Series notebook offers the chance to be different, according to a company official.

"(The) notebook is targeted at students and individual consumers," said Lorena Kubera, Compaq's director of portable product marketing. "You can personalize the notebook through four different colors. It has a very unique ID to it."

Along with color possibilities, it comes equipped with an MP3 player. The music player kicks in when a button on the bottom of the unit is engaged, Kubera said.

Mobility is emphasized with the 1700 Series.

"It is a 5 pound (machine) with just over a 1-inch design that is really designed for the professional on the go," Kubera said. (Five pounds is equal to 2.25 kilograms.)The 1700 Series comes with a 14.1-inch monitor with a bay that can support either a CD-ROM, DVD (digital versatile disc) player or floppy.

Upgrades are the news with the 1800 Series laptop, a desktop equivalent notebook. It now can be purchased with an Intel Corp. Pentium III 750MHz processor. It previously came with a 700MHz processor. Compaq also now offers the model with a 30M-byte hard drive.

Beginning in July, Kubera said the 1400, 1700 and 1800 Series notebooks will be available on the Web and at retail outlets.

New desktop retail models include:

-- Presario 5000 Series -- Intel Celeron or Intel Pentium III processors with speeds ranging from 566MHz to 733MHz, 64M bytes to 128M bytes of SyncDRAM and hard drives from 15G bytes to 30G bytes, 40X max CD-ROM and DVD ROM drive on select models. Prices, not including a monitor, start at US$649.

-- Presario 7000 Series -- Advanced Micro Devices Inc. Athlon or Intel Pentium III processor with speeds from 750MHz to 1GHz, 128M bytes of SyncDRAM and hard drives from 30G bytes to 60G bytes. Prices, not including a monitor, start at $960.

New Presario retail laptops include:

-- Presario 1400 Series -- Intel Celeron processor with speeds from 566MHz to 600MHz, 64M bytes of SyncDRAM, 6G-byte hard drive and either a 13-inch high performance (HPA) or 13.3-inch thin film transistor (TFT) active matrix display. Prices start at $1,499.

-- Presario 1700 Series -- Pentium III processor at speeds from 500MHz to 700MHz, 64M bytes to 512 megabyte of SyncDRAM, 6G-byte hard drive and 13.3-inch or a 14.1-inch TFT active matrix display. Prices start at $1,499.

-- Presario 1800 Series -- Pentium III processor at speeds from 500MHz to 750MHz, 64M bytes to 128M bytes of SyncDRAM, 6G byte to 30G-byte hard drive and 15-inch TFT active matrix display. Prices start at $1,899.

Compaq, in Houston, Texas, can be reached at

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