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SAN MATEO (06/23/2000) - IBM unveils NetVista PCsIBM Corp. has announced a new series of NetVista PCs. The NetVista A40 PC will ship with Intel Corp. Pentium III processors ranging in speed from 667MHz to 933MHz, with a 133MHz front side bus, 128MB or 64MB of SDRAM (synchronous DRAM), and the new Intel 815E chip set. The NetVista A40p will ship with the same features as the A40, but with added security features. IBM will offer the NetVista A20 with an Intel Celeron processor ranging in speed from 533MHz to 600MHz, with a 66MHz front side bus. An optional Pentium III processor is available on the A20, running at speeds ranging from 667MHz to 733MHz. Pricing for the NetVista A40 will start at $1,248. The NetVista A40p will start at $1,352, and the base price for the NetVista A20 will be $711. A source close to IBM said the planned Microdrive, a 1GB removable drive, would be an option on the NetVista line before October.

Bundled T1 services offered

Cable & Wireless Communications PLC has unveiled NxT-1, a bundled T1 Internet access service based on MLPPP (Multi-Link Point-to-Point Protocol) standards.

NxT-1 bundles T1 circuits together for better throughput and flexibility to accommodate a need for more bandwidth. NxT-1 will serve as another option for businesses that need dedicated Internet access but cannot shoulder the cost of a DS-3 circuit. The service now supports circuit speeds ranging from 3 Mbps to 10.5Mbps.

Personalization tool upgraded

Personify Inc. next week will upgrade its flagship profiling and personalization platform, Essentials, with application frameworks that will let businesses get more sophisticated information on their e-commerce operations.

Essentials 2.5 and accompanying Accelerators applications analyze a range of customer behaviors, such as registration data or what part of a site a customer visited. Companies can customize the applications to generate a series of reports, including shopping cart abandonment, referral analysis, and customer loyalty.

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