SAN FRANCISCO (06/23/2000) - Gateway 2000 Inc., America Online Inc. Team on Net Appliance: The new Internet appliance will have speakers and a touch screen and will offer AOL Net service. Prices should be under $500, with the first model scheduled for a holiday release. A surprise: The appliance runs on Mobile Linux and Transmeta's Crusoe processors, not Wintel.


*Bye-Bye Number Nine: Familiar graphics boards vendor Number Nine Visual Technology filed for bankruptcy late last year and has now closed its doors for good. You can still access drivers and FAQs via Number Nine's Web site (www.nine.com), but no further phone support or repairs (even under warranty) are available from the company.

*Motherboard Alert: Shipping since last November, Intel 820 motherboards using SDRAM have a faulty part--the Memory Translator Hub--which may lead to system hangs and possibly data corruption. Intel offers a utility to let you check whether your board has the faulty part; download it at www.intel.com/support/mth. If you have one of the boards, contact your PC vendor, who may offer refunds or exchange the faulty part for a new 820 board with RDRAM. Contact Intel only if you bought your board directly from Intel.

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